Scrapbooking UK style

Our end-of-May bank holiday weekend was a wet, windy, miserable one.  I took that as an opprotunity to try to finish up some of the half-dozen unfinished scrapbook projects that have been nagging at me for years.

After completing a baby album for our friend’s 1 1/2 year old ‘baby’ I moved on to getting caught up in my Christmas album.  3/4 of the way through the baby album I had exhausted most of the end bits of my photo adhesive so Monday morning I went into the craft store in Reading, hoping to find adhesive and a couple of papers for my Christmas album. 

In the store, they had probably 10 aisles of papercraft items, a good sign!  But, alas, quantity does not mean quality.  I would rate the selection somewhere around the quality of what you could buy in the States in 1995.  Odds and ends of papers, a hodge-podge of stickers, most of wich looked like things you’d see up as wall decoration in a nursing home.  ICK!  I got a roll of adhesive and got out of there as quick as I could before it rubbed off on me.

Holli informs me that she stocks up in the States.  Add one more stop to my Seattle shopping list…

One response to “Scrapbooking UK style

  1. lol to getting out of the craft store fast , If you fancy trying out more scrapbooking inspiration come and have a look at our new blog :D

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