What to do on the 4th?

So, tomorrow is the 4th of July.  Any ideas on how we should celebrate?


3 responses to “What to do on the 4th?

  1. Wear red white and blue to work. Put your tea in a tax free mug at work. Go down to the Thames and throw some tea bags in the river. Watch the movie the Patriot.

  2. “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it.”
    — The Simpsons, “Summer of 4 Ft. 2”

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I’ll have my brother blow something up for you :P

  3. Fireworks – they’re legal in the UK… but quite where you ould buy them out of season (November) I don’t know

    Do memorise the firework’s code first: http://www.fire.org.uk/firework/home.htm

    I’ll come and watch you throuw teabags in the Thames if its during lunchtime – I’ll even sell you some rather expensive loose-leaf tea and get all indignant when you throw it in the Thames for the touch of ‘realism’

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