Grandma is gone

My grandma Elsie passed away Sunday evening in Illinois.  She would have been 100 on 26-Aug.

This week, as I’ve been telling people about Grandma they frequently said “I hope she holds on to make it to 100.”  While I understand the kind sentiment, this past week she was suffering, and we didn’t want to see her suffer any longer, so we are thankful that she was able to go. 

Her whole life she was extremely healthy – she was probably the only 99 year-old woman in the nursing home who wasn’t on any medication.

She fell and broke her hip a couple of years ago.  They came with the ambulance and took her to the hospital to have it repaired.  They kept asking her what hurt, but she always said that nothing was hurting.  She also didn’t show any signs of hurting.  They didn’t give her any pain medication until she started her surgery.  She was always one tough cookie.

Grandma was confused though – that is why she was at the home. 

It was over 10 years ago the last time she recognized me as her granddaughter or my dad as her son.  Two years ago on my last visit to see her my mom pulled out a photograph she keeps in her wallet.  It was a 25 year old picture of my dad.  We showed it to Grandma and she instantly recognized it as Del-Rae and started going on about how handsome he was.


One response to “Grandma is gone

  1. My sympathies on your loss. From what I could tell, she was a wonderful person.

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