Taking Grandma out for an ice cream

I think I’ll spend a few days sharing some of my memories of Grandma…

While Steve and I were still in college we went down to visit both of my Grandmas.  We stopped at the nursing home in Coulterville and were talking with Grandma when we decided to go get an ice cream.  Grandma always loved ice cream.  I have lots of memories of going out for ice cream or having ice cream at home with her and Pop.  She also always loved going out for a drive.  Grandma had no idea who we were, but she was happy to go with us anyway.

We asked the nursing staff and Steve signed her out.  We drove down to Dairy Queen and got grandma a dish of ice cream.  We ate and then she said she was ready to go back now.  Total outing time until she was ready to go back, about 15 minutes :-)

After Steve and I left we called my parents to tell them about the visit.  When we told them we took her to Dairy Queen they were shocked, apparently no one had ever taken Grandma on an outing since she had moved into the home 9 months ago because they weren’t sure if she would go back so easy.  Well, ignorance was bliss, as we probably would not have wanted to be the first ones either.  It was a good thing though, as Grandma got to go out on many outings after this.

I’ve started to scan in a few of the pictures I have and posting them to Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarah_schrock00/sets/72157606298343684/


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