Anyone lost a hamster?

Schrockinator here… One of my coworkers noticed some movement under another coworker’s desk this morning and then the chase was on. The creature quickly darted under the cubicle walls in its attempt to avoid capture. Others alerted by the shouts joined in the hunt and the certainly terrified rodent was cornered and contained. We had bagged a very healthy-looking hamster.

The hamster quickly become a productive team member, eating nuts and chewing through a makeshift cardboard cage. Its presense was a complete mystery, though; pets are not allowed on our campus, and on rare occaission that someone brings in an animal, they are very careful to keep it nearby and under control.

So a plea was sent out to the organization.

Subject: Anyone lost a hamster?

We just found a hamster in our space on the ground floor of building 4.

Has anyone mislaid their hamster recently? We’d love to reunite you…

Followed by a multimedia-rich description:

See attached, not a great pic, he keeps moving about.

This Hamster is with us in B4.

Please collect before lunch ;-)

The response was quick as this follow up mail explains:

Just to let everyone know that there is a happy ending to this tale.

Dora belongs to the Bright Horizons Nursery who were distressed to find her missing this morning and feared the worst.

We’ve now reunited Dora (the Explorer!) with her friends and everyone should live happily ever after.

Life on my team slowly returned to normal. We were a little wiser, a little more confident in our collective hunting abilities, and a little anxious about the possibility that other “Doras” lurk under our desks.


6 responses to “Anyone lost a hamster?

  1. Since Buster the Cat generates so much chatter on our blog, I figured Dora the Mouse deserved some as well. I’m sure that made for a more exciting day at the office.

  2. Did Bill Gates invent the mouse? Upon his retirement is MS working on a hamster?

  3. Ooh… Steve are you leaking next generation technology to the general public?

  4. That must have added a certain feeling of “rat race” to your day.

  5. Everybody thinks they are a punster.

  6. The Schrockinator

    Yes, here is an exclusive preview of this top secret project:

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