I’m on my way to St Louis to attend my Grandma’s funeral on Friday.  I’ve got a layover at Detroit DTW airport.  I got a big ice filled diet Pepsi (with free refills) and soft taco at Taco Bell.  That makes for a happy woman.

DTW is a fabulous airport.  It has an indoor tram.  Very cool.

During my layover I found myself sitting next to a gentleman from a small town near where my mom grew up and he is headed to visit his mom in Cape Girardeau, MO – where my aunt and grandma live.  At SEMO he studied German and did his thesis on all of the German dialects spoken by the older generations in churches in Southern Missouri and Illinois – so a  lot of the heritage of Steve and my grandparents.  Small world.  I love random meetings like this.  

It’s good to be home in the USA.

3 responses to “DTW

  1. Welcome home. Dad

  2. booksandbasketball

    Sarah had her “You know your back in the States when” moment when she got all the ice she wanted in the soda.

  3. free refills……I have almost forgotten what it is!:)

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