Pit bull attack

At the end of Grandma’s visitation someone came in and called my cousin out of the room urgently.  A few elderly friends had just left so everyone was worried that there might have been an accident.  Thankfully not, but it was way stranger.

(scene outside the funeral home)

My cousin went outside to see a kid jumping on the roof of his truck.  He yelled something to the effect of “get off my truck.”  The kid replied “but that pit bull is chasing me.”  Ends up a pit bull was indeed running amuck in the neighbourhood and the kid was trying to get away.  The cops were called, and were trying to corral the pit bull, as, unfortunately, animal control only works 9-5.  The end result – the pit bull was returned home (as animal control was closed) and the owner was carted off to jail instead ?!?  Hmmmm, not sure that is going to help a lot.  My cousin’s car was badly dented and scratched.  What a story that will be for the insurance adjuster.

Grandma did not ever care much for dogs.


4 responses to “Pit bull attack

  1. The dog is illegal in it orginitating country ( UK) since 1991 and many cities in the US including
    eunemclaw, WA

    I could be rong, but I believe that a higher proportion of Pit Bull owners are worthy of being locked-up and having their dog rescued than people that own other breeds of dogs.

  2. This would have made a really good episode of Cops.

  3. Cops… in Morton. In today’s episode: Dog gets loose in park, flat tire on highway 98, and a lost wallet is turned in.

  4. This was not Morton, but Belleville, IL a much bigger town with much more stuff going down.

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