The Olympics…BBC style

Our friend Ben posted some observations about Olympics TV coverage, which inspired me to note a few observations about the BBC coverage.

1.  The BBC focuses coverage on events where the Brits are competing and in the final rounds.  This means they show a lot of badminton, rowing, canoing, dressage…you get the idea.

2.  The editing is pretty tight.  They don’t fill a lot of time showing people getting ready for races.  They show a race, and when it is over they cut to another race.  No muss, no fuss.

3.  There is a lot less time spent covering ‘personal interest’ stories.  Of course there is some, like excessive coverage of the 14 year old British diver

4.  The rowing events are very soothing to watch.  Sort of like watching the weather channel.  Put it on and do some work.

We just watched the mens 100m running final.  That Jamacian Bolt is fast!


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