A small, but important part

While tidying the spare bedroom I moved the fan that was sitting on the windowsill.  somehow the knob that controls on/off and the speed popped off, flew out the open window.  I watched it roll across the roof of the kitchen and then roll off the roof and out of sight. 

Oh bother!  And the hunt began.  Steve got on the roof to see if it was in the gutter.  We looked under the bushes, in the bushes, on the lane, across the lane, up and down the lane.  To no avail.  This was very annoying, as the fan was near impossible to turn on without the knob.

We tried again the next day, but still no luck.  I got out on the roof to shake the bushes.  No dice.  Then, I tried to imagine the trajectories, and looking off the edge of the roof identified a begonia that was a nice target.  I hollered down to Steve and asked him to check in the begonia.  Sure enough, that’s where it was.

2 responses to “A small, but important part

  1. booksandbasketball

    Aah. All those physics classes that you don’t use on a daily basis at Microsoft finally come in handy to calculate fan knob trajectories. I hope you accounted for the acceleration of gravity as it went off the roof.

  2. Susie the History Nerd:)

    I don’t know, Sarah! You are sounding a bit Steffen-ish! You know – that never give up and “never say die” attitiude they all have :) Hmmm!!

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