Errand at the British Museum

I was in London today for a work meeting.  When I was in Seattle last month a colleague asked me to run an errand for him at the British Museum.  Since my meeting was done by the early afternoon, and it was a nice day, I made a detour across town to stop at the museum.

First the errand in the gift shop.

Sorry, Reiner, I did not spring for the £4000 bust of Hadrian, but I did find you something good :-)

Since we’re going to be going to Greece next month I thought I’d spend some time in the ancient Greece section – so I made my way through the museum.  London was quiet today (everyone goes on holiday in August) so the tube and trains were less crowded than normal.  The museum, on the other hand was a madhouse.  I think the Rosetta stone is behind this mob.

When I finally made my way back to the Greek section there were several signs (and even brochures) explaining the controversy about the Greek government wanting its stuff back.  You know, the British Museum could almost be called ‘Museum stuff Brits took from other places’.  I spent about a half hour in the Parthenon room – looking at the friezes that used to encircle the temple.  It will be nice to be there next month and mentally put the bits together.


3 responses to “Errand at the British Museum

  1. The old farmer

    hey….if they want the stuff back …let ’em prove that it is their loot

    anyhow….finders keeper…losers weepers….
    as we use to say in congerville

  2. yeah- congerville representin’

  3. Loved that room at the museum. That does indeed look like the top of the Rosetta Stone, which is about as much of it as we saw before making our way to less travelled areas. (i.e. Not the mummies)

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