We’re back.

In case you hadn’t figured out we were on holiday.  We spent two weeks in Spain and Greece.  Fabulous.  Saw our first sun of 2008.  Well, not really, but almost!  (Summer just never happened here in England this year)

So, sorry for the blog silence.  I’ve got 1500 holiday photos to work through, and lots of funny stories, so here we go.

3 responses to “We’re back.

  1. “On holiday.” They’re so cute when they go native.

  2. The Schrockinator

    Indeed. Sarah had some difficulty communicating with Americans we met on the trip.

    I am still able to flip the UK/USA bit, but it does take more and more brainpower to switch. The first time I say “sHedule” instead of “sKedule” I will punish myself.

  3. booksandbasketball

    I go to Europe for 24 days and take 400 pictures. Sarah takes 1500. This may explain why I’m actually catching up on my scrapbooking!!

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