Arriving in Gibraltar

We spent the first day of our holiday in Gibraltar.  Why?  Two reasons: 1) I’ve always been fascinated by the rock and 2) it is a lot cheaper to fly there then to fly to Granada or Sevilla.

The airport at Gibraltar is very funny, in that its runway runs right across the one road into town.  Everyone just drives or walks across the runway as they go about their daily business, and each time a flight lands or takes off they have to shut the road down.

We almost didn’t make it to Gibraltar.  After packing on Saturday morning and getting ready to head to the train station a last minute check of our tickets told us that we were leaving earlier than we thought.  Taking the train would have been cutting it very close so we called a cab.  Well, the cab never showed up and when we finally bailed we realized we didn’t really have enough time to park at the airport, so we drove to my boss’s house and got a cab from her place (she lives in town at a location cabbies can actually find).  The cab driver was great and we were the second to last party to check in before they closed the counter.  Way too close for my liking.  We sort of skidded sideways into this vacation with too much going on the month before we left and not enough planning.  We used to have our Europe vacations really well planned, guess now that we moved here we’ve gotten sloppy.  Note to self – better planning for next holiday.


3 responses to “Arriving in Gibraltar

  1. Maybe the dealing with last minute stuff (sloppiness) is a UK thing? I feel entitled to be able to say that because I’m from the UK (self derogatory), if anyone from overseas agrees with me I’ll have a wee tantrum, deny its possible, and accuse them of racial prejudice, especially if they are French or US based.

  2. booksandbasketball

    Wendy, you do realize that 95% of Sarah’s blog audience is American? I doubt you’ll run into to many Frenchies on here though.

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