Waking up with the sun on the water in Gibraltar is just what we needed to jolt us into vacation mode.

We took the bus over to town and walked about to check it out.  It was Sunday, so the shops were closed, but since they were mostly tourist aimed (electronics, jewelery and bric-a-brac) that was just as well.  We walked down to the furnicular and rode up to the top of the rock.  The view from the top is really amazing.  In this picture you can see our hotel and all the ships anchored off the coast.

You can also see all the way over to Africa.  (wonder if we’ll ever go there)

One problem with the rock is the monkeys.  They are all well and good until they started screaming.  Yikes.  Evil little things.


We stomped around the rock for several hours during the afternoon, covering it from end to end and walking all the way down.  We learned real quick that it is smart to stay out of the afternoon sun. (Can we say ‘siesta’?)  Tired, I rested in one of the caves while Steve looked around.

We eventually made it all the way down, and rewarded ourself with a sangria.  A low key dinner on the quay at sunset and back to the hotel.  A good start to our holiday.


One response to “Gibraltar

  1. No wonder the monkeys scream. Homely men are trying to kiss the boys.

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