While we were away it changed seasons.

We interrupt our trip stories for a moment.  We actually still do (sometimes) live in England.  And it is autumn here.  I love fall, but my English co-workers have informed me that the season is acutally called ‘autumn’ and since they will keep making fun of me if I call it ‘fall’ I have switched.  But I digress…

When we got home from Greece it hit us square in the face that the seasons have changed and we have had some beautiful crisp days…and some miserable wet gray ones too.

Here is a photo of our house – the green vine that covers the west wall had turned a fabulous red while we were away.

I loved this vine and took a picture of it turning color at Blenheim Palace on our 2004 vacation to Engand.  Funny that four years later I have my very own wall full of it.

2 responses to “While we were away it changed seasons.

  1. Do your English friends then Spring forward and Autumn back to keep their clocks right with Daylight Savings Time?

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