Seattle Wedding

We were in Seattle the first weekend in October for our good friend’s wedding.  He was kind enough to get married at exactly the right time for Steve’s first visit to Seattle since we left last November.

The wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun.  The ring bearer was a real cutie, about 6 years old and really well behaved all night.  Then, to top it off, about 10 pm the kid is still going strong and starts breakdancing.  Fabulous.  His parents should hire him out as a professional ring-bearer.

The wedding was held at the Bellevue Harbor Club.  A little ironic because as you know (if you’ve spent any time in Bellevue) that Bellevue doesn’t have a harbor.  (I found out later online that it is really a branch of the Seattle Harbor Club, and Seattle does have a Harbor) 

Thanks for a great wedding Ray!

In other Seattle news our friends Kate and Ryan held a fabulous party so we could see a whole ton of our friends.  It was so good to catch up.  Everyone’s doing great.  All the kids are growing up so fast and there are so many new ones we hadn’t even met yet. 

Our other fabulous friends Jon and Rebecca graciously let us stay at their house (our Seattle home away from home).  They have the best guest room with yummy plush carpet and blackout blinds that make the room dark and quiet.  The best accommodations the Eastside has to offer.  Steve got to watch an Illinois football game (and they crushed Michigan) and he also got to play Halo with Joshua.

We ate all our favorite American food.  Mexican, steak (properly medium-rare), Mediterrean Kitchen (our favorite restaurant in Seattle), Qdoba and Yummy Teriaki.  I got quite a bit of shopping in too.  And a haircut.

All this, despite me being as sick as a dog when I got there.  Somewhere over Greenland I starting feeling awful (probably the worst place in the world to start feeling sick).  Thankfully my old doctor squeezed me in the first morning we were there and got me some good meds.

Since I was sick I took hardly any pictures.  I started in on the travel blogging backlog with Seattle, since that is where I took the fewest pictures.


One response to “Seattle Wedding

  1. So glad you could make it! Sadly I missed the breakdance exhibition…

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