The neighborhood

Last weekend we took a walk around the neighborhood.  First we walked west along the river.  Some cows were hanging out in the field and one was blocking the path. 

He moseyed on along without a fight.

Past the college (boarding school) we stopped at the Shiplake Church.  Tennyson was married here.  The church had some handy little boards with the history of the church and Tennyson’s connection to the church and town.

After a stop for refreshment at the pub we walked up towards Binfield Heath. 

We stopped to visit with a man from our church, Ted, who lives up in Binfield Heath.  Of course, like any good Englishperson he had tea and biscuits for us.  Since he lives only a couple doors before the next pub we couldn’t justify another stop. 

We walked back down home.

And, after we got home we watched some of the boats go by, folks enjoying one of the last good boating days of the year. 

I love autumn.  Life is pretty exciting here in Shiplake.  Just my speed.


2 responses to “The neighborhood

  1. booksandbasketball

    Glad to see that this time the cows ran away from you instead of stampeding you.

  2. that gal just wanted to boogie and be shown a little love

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