OK, we admit it, COPS is our mindless TV vice.  Luckily they syndicate old episodes over here in England so we can have a taste of home.  (particularly when they are in Pierce County, WA)

There are several British knock offs.  And on these, we will share a few observations.  First of all, they are not nearly as exciting.  I guess that’s good.  People here don’t have guns.  A lot of stolen cars.  Gangs of bandits stealing petrol.  Uninsured vehicles.

Granted, I haven’t ever seen an episode filmed in London.  That can probably get pretty dicey.

We learn lots of great new words.  Like Yob =  slang term for an uncouth blue collar individual or thug.


7 responses to “Cops

  1. Apparantly, Yob is working class black-slang (predominantly backward words) for boy

  2. back not blakc. Ooops

  3. Wow – great insight! Backwards word!

  4. booksandbasketball

    What happened to Greece? I want to see pictures!

  5. Susie the History Nerd:)

    Well, this clears up my confusion as I read online UK newspapers. Always wondered what this term meant! Now, can someone explain to me what the term “WAG” means? Apparently has something to do with wives/girlfriends of footballers?

  6. You being a COPS addict is pretty amusing to me. :)

  7. WAG is an acronym Wives And Girlfriends. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

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