nThe hazards of having a gardener

One of the best features of our current dwelling is that the services of a gardener are included in the rent.  This is fabulous as we don’t lift a finger for yard work.  A welcome change after 5 years in Seattle.

But, it is not without its perils.  Ends up that when the gardeners trimmed the vine this fall they snipped our phone line, which caused the DSL to die a slow and painful death, getting slower and slower until it ceased completely, as the water got in and corroded the line.  We finally got back online on Thursday after almost 3 weeks of disconnectedness.

Despite the invonvenience I think I would rather give up DSL at home in exchange for not doing yard work.

3 responses to “nThe hazards of having a gardener

  1. 3 weeks with out internet!!?? I think I would die.

    my mom always listens to radio while gardening via headset. Once while working the music stopped and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the walkman – then she discovered she had cut the headset chord with her sheers. – oops

  2. booksandbasketball

    That explains the long window between posts. Are you going to return to the trip? I’m waiting to see the pictures from Greece. That’s on my places to go before I die list.

  3. maybe your gardener is the british version of the jim carey in the cable guy, except he likes to disconnect your dsl instead for a reason to hang out. if he shows up at you’re door asking if you’re buddies, run.

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