This weekend, after being home for a month straight we were finally ready to head out for a short road trip.  We went about 90 minutes south of here to Salisbury.  On the way there we stopped by Stonehenge.

Stonehenge, the world-famous, instantly recognizable site of ancient archaeological significance.  Well, it is pretty much a bunch of rocks in a field bordered by a 2 lane highway that just happens to have bus loads of tourists walking around.

It was cold and windy, so paying £15 to stand around for an hour with an audio guide stuck to our ears was not our idea of a good time.  Instead we parked, crossed the street, snapped a few pictures from outside the fence and high-tailed it back to the car.

It is pretty amazing to think that the pre-historic people lugged those rocks around and built the thing using extremely primitive hand tools.  The Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum has an interesting exhibit on Stonehenge, and of course, it is well covered in many books and on the web. 

So, no disrespect, but unless you are dead-set on seeing it, we’d suggest leaving it off most England itineraries, but it is worth a quick stop if you are nearby for something else.


2 responses to “Stonehenge

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s not worth it, but if you do go it’s definately not worth paying the 15 quid.
    Just stick your camera over the fence, you get the same photo and save money at the same time.

  2. i agree with you guys…..i would bid no more then 2 1/2 quid….and only on a warm day

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