Salisbury is a neat city.  We had a great couple of days wandering about.

They had some great pubs…

…and a great donut van…a hot donut is bliss on a cold day…

The town had a very authentic vibe to it.  Lots of great old buildings being used to meet the needs of the city, not just painted up as relics of some life that doesn’t really exist anymore.  The Saturday market was great, vegetables, food carts, a butcher selling meat out of a special truck that he sets up on market days, stands with hardware, and shoes, and old lady underwear.  The town centre doesn’t have a big superstore, so the market is where people do their shopping.

We stopped in many intersting shops, including a tool shop that had a mix of new, antique, and used tools.  It didn’t discriminate.  If it was a tool that someone might need, they had it.  There was a very cool old hunting store.  I forgot you could even buy guns in England.  We also stopped in a fabulous kitchen store that was probably the best kitchen store we’ve ever been in.  A great assortment of kitchen tools.

Overall, a great city to be in.  Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the Cathedral.


3 responses to “Salisbury

  1. Sounds like a fun place to shop and walk around in. Did you buy any treasures?

  2. Yes, well it depends what you consider to be a ‘treasure.’ The kitchen store had a very stiff bristle scrub brush that I had been looking for for ages. We bought a 10 pack of super-glue at the ‘Poundland.’ At the market we found a few little Christmas gifts and a roll of masking tape (since I refused to pay £3.79 for a roll of masking tape at the stationary store!)

  3. That picture of you in the pub is strangely great in that it looks as if you are cozily settled down to read a nice book. I was sad when I looked again and saw that it was likely only a menu.

    I do love the chair, though. =)

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