Happy Thanksgiving!

As some of our American friends and family have noted, it is strange to be in a country that doesn’t ‘celebrate’ Thanksgiving on the big day.  You will all be happy to know that we have been wished a Happy Thanksgiving locally.

This morning I stopped by the butcher shop to get some meat for tomorrow’s Lasagna.  When I came through the door Keith wished me a happy Thanksgiving.  He was proud to show me that he had a Turkey in the case.  This is quite special, as Turkey is very hard to find other than at Christmas.  He said he had sold several for English families having their own little ‘Thanksgiving’ dinners or parties this weekend.

He asked if we were having a turkey, I said no, since it is just the two of us, and he’d have to import one of our moms to come over and cook it:-)

Steve and I are going out to dinner with our old neighbors from the farm house, so we’ll be having a nice meal with friends – so no need to feel sad for us over here across the pond.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy to hear that you are going to enjoy a special meal with your old neighbors. Give them our best regards and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  2. booksandbasketball

    Happy Thanksgiving!! We’re heading to Heather and Alby’s. I’m taking the crescent rolls and the pumpkin pie, so it will feel like home, regardless of what else we have. Robbie made the pumpkin pie all by himself.

  3. we almost had a whole deer for thanksgiving last night. i almost hit rudolph as he was walking across I-474. luckily, i narrowly missed him by a couple feet and christmas will happen as planned this year.

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