Guess what you’re getting for Christmas

I finished our Christmas shopping on Saturday and if you are on our Christmas buying list this year, chances are you’ll be getting at least one book.

I thought I’d post this just to give the neices and nephews something to look forward to.  Of course, it is not ALL books, but mostly books.  I have a small pile of other items, but posting a picture of those would give everything away now, wouldn’t it? :-)

I’m boxing it up and checking it as luggage on the flight – doing all the wrapping in Illinois since my mom has the world’s largest stockpile of wrapping paper…

4 responses to “Guess what you’re getting for Christmas

  1. I still have plenty of wrapping paper for Santa’s workshop at Knollcrest Ave.

  2. booksandbasketball

    Hehe. Can’t wait to see you guys over the holidays. We are having an unexpected “snow morning” as the bridges across the ship channel are both closed and we can’t get into work. Houston’s method of snow removal is to wait for the sun to melt it. The high is supposed to be near sixty today.

  3. ohhhh
    did i see a mousie peeking around the books..
    not to worry… was just sampling the paper..
    get out some nutella….i heard that mouses like the stuff…..catches them every time….at least it gets them so fat that they can’t climb out of the hole…

  4. Hi Sarah and Steve!! Just got your Christmas card today with your blog site and was so thrilled to spend some time navigating through it! What a great memory it will be of all your time there! It was wonderful to get a glimpse into your life…how wonderful it sounds and looks!! Spent some time looking at the pics, esp of your Mom, Dad, and Lowell’s visit! What Fun!!! Take care and hope to see you soon! Love and Merry Christmas from all of the Kirk’s!!!

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