Hey buddy, you’ve got something stuck in your ear.

I’ve had a real zinger of a day at work, so taking a brief break to share the one thing that made me laugh out loud today.

People walking around with these things in their ears drives me CRAZY!  Can we use this to build momentum and start a international public service campaign to get these things outlawed outside of motor vehicles?

This article covers many technology devices, but this one takes the cake (click through to screen 3 for the commentary).

Note to my readers:  I don’t think that anyone I know in the flesh walks around with these, but if you do, I haven’t caught you.  Please don’t start, or at least don’t do it around me:-)  As noted above, it is ok to use in your car.

Disclaimer:  Sorry, bad day at work means I’m extra snarky.  I hope Steve takes me out to dinner tonight.


7 responses to “Hey buddy, you’ve got something stuck in your ear.

  1. But they are free with a phone. Some old men that will not get a call in three months wear them.

  2. Even jerkier than yammering on your Bluetooth headset is wearing a Bluetooth headset *because you might get a call someday*.

    Get over it. You’re not that important.

  3. booksandbasketball

    I wear mine at work for my office phone. When trying to manhandle structural drawings (2′ x 3′) and talk on the phone it’s a lifesaver. It’s also better than speaker phone with our thin walls.

  4. it’s illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving in NY without one of these or something similar. i hate them so much, i talk on my phone anyway and have never once used my bluetooth.

  5. OK – permission granted to wear within your own office:-)

  6. booksandbasketball

    It was actually bought as a result of an ergonomic assessment, so in the view of Exxon it’s a safety feature. Preventing neck pain. That being said, I only wear it while using it, and then only on calls that I need to reference drawings.

  7. Yes, good use of the technology:-)

    Oh, and Steve did take me out to one of our very favorite country pubs for a yummy dinner, if only I didn’t have to work Saturday…

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