Crisp taste test

About a month ago I got an e-mail from my friend, and former co-worker Zach, alerting me to an important event here in England.  Walkers (the UK equivelent of Lays) was having a contest to try out several new flavors of crisps.  Zach, had a specific assignment for me, to try and report back on the flavor ‘Cajun Squirrel.’  Today, I’m completing that assignment.

First I had to find the crisps.  The Walkers website, despite having an entire subsite devoted to the promotion, had no information on where said crisps could be obtained.  Fortuitously, one of my co-workers has a wife who is in the marketing department for Pepsico.  This is perfect, a few e-mails to her and she promised to supply us with the hot crisps, as soon as her department got some in.

Tom brought all 6 new flavors in, even in a special display rack.  We set aside a portion of our weekly team meeting to undertake the taste test.  First we opened them all and took in the flavors. 

Rachel loved the Fish and Chips smell – just like a chip shop.

Here I am sinking my teeth into that first taste of ‘Cajun Squirrel.’  It wasn’t bad.  It was mostly just like a bbq flavored chip, maybe only a slightly more woody or smoky twinge to it.  I checked the label, squirrel was not on the ingredient list.

Here is the panel, after the tasting, each holding our favorite.


One response to “Crisp taste test

  1. Bravo!

    I rarely think of food as terrifying, but those are indeed some terrifying flavors. :)

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