Snow day

Pretty much all of England is having a snow day.  Yes, for less than 3″.

We have a fire going and Steve and I are are both parked on the sofa, under our blankets, with our laptops.  Earlier this morning we  went out for a short walk along the river,

and made a tiny little snowman. 

Even the airport is struggling…

” London has seen the heaviest snowfall in 18 years with up to 6cm (just over 2ins) of snow reported at Heathrow Airport, weather experts said.  The conditions led the Met Office to issue an extreme weather warning for the south east of England.”  link

BA cancelled all of today’s flights and the last plane to land this morning ended up with its nose gear in the mud.  The ground crews at O’Hare must be laughing their socks off.

They are calling for more snow later today and tonight, so we may be snowed in for day two tomorrow.

6 responses to “Snow day

  1. Looks like barely a dusting!!
    LOVE the little snowman.

  2. The Schrockinator

    It is some of the best packing snow I have ever witnessed.

  3. Did you go out and try your medium sized snow scraper on the car?

  4. Yes, our Illinois ‘medium-sized’ scraper is a big help.

  5. Glad to see you guys handle snow about the same way Texans do.

    White Death!! White Death!! Stay inside!! Protect your women and children!!

  6. yip yip….i am looking out the door….grayish white stuff all over…O…..i think that it is sand..didn’t even go to work today…or yesterday….or maybe….even tomorrow….got to sign off….time for my 10 a.m. nap…i don’t want to be late for lunch

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