Dust jihad

I went on a little dust jihad here at the house.  Steve is allergic to dust, and my, do they have a lot of it here in England.  Every week when I vacuum the bedroomfill the canister on my Dyson.  Every week!  Even the weeks I only vacuum that one room.  Out of control.

Anyway, we got an air filter for the bedroom and encasements for the mattress, pillows and duvet.  I also took the opportunity to get a new duvet, as our other one was not very heavy and I had woken up cold quite a few nights this winter. 

I got the greatest thing, a combination duvet (described at the bottom of this link).  It has two layers, one approximately twice as heavy as the other, and they snap together, meaning you can adjust the weight throughout the year.  We’ve started with both layers used together, which is actually too warm, maybe we’ll save that for when the power is out.

Now, if I could just encase my house in a bubble so I didn’t have to vacuum…


One response to “Dust jihad

  1. You should get a Roomba. It’ll vacuum when you’re out or not around and all you need to do it empty the little guy.

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