Roadsigns of life

Steve and I pass this roadsign on our way to work every morning.  Today I passed it in more ways than one.

7 responses to “Roadsigns of life

  1. HeeHee! That’s great! Do they have any signs about hills or going over them? Those are the ones I would need!! If you are feeling blue about hitting this milestone, perhaps a little retail therapy is on order?

  2. i’ll be there soon, but it’s a good thing. prime of life, i figure, don’t you?

  3. booksandbasketball

    Happy birthday! At least we both married men who will always hit those roadsigns before us. Has Steve made you throw away any favorite t-shirts to mark the occasion?

  4. Happy birthday! Gina and I will have Dairy Queen in your honor. =)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! I miss you so much!! the 30’s aren’t so bad… although I’ve only been here a short time myself! :)

  6. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I wish I had DQ, but I did have some nice creme caramel gelatto instead (almost as good as a Butterfinger Blizzard).

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