Rome Day 1

We had a great trip to Rome.  Here is the first of a series of posts on the trip, to be followed by our recommendations and what we would do if we get to go back sometime.

We had an early flight out of LHR (7:20) so we had to leave the house about 4:30, so about 2 1/2 hours sleep given that we spent the night before pulling belongings upstairs in case the river kept rising.  We got into Rome about noon, but we were so tired that we just took a nap when we got in.  (Steve quipped that this was not much better than when we lived in the States and arrived in Europe jetlagged)

The only sightseeing we managed on Thursday was a short walk over to check out the Pantheon.  It is neat, you just walk in and take a look around.  There is a hole in the roof (skylight without glass) and the section of floor directly underneath it was roped off.  Not sure why.  Just sort of odd.

After that we just walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  We sat next to a British couple.  They became a theme during the trip.

Sorry for the boring report, Friday was a bit more exciting.  (at least I have a few interesting pictures)


2 responses to “Rome Day 1

  1. booksandbasketball

    Day two photos? I think the roped off area under the keyhole roof was a permanent feature in case of rain. The floors were marble and slick to begin with. They had to get really bad when it rained.

    Were the petitioners for the exiled people there?

  2. Um, they could just move the ropes out when it was actually raining. Sort of lame.

    We didn’t get petitions for exiled people, but we did see some protestors on day 3 protesting againt the VAT. Steve thought they were protesting the ‘value added tax’ and wanted to join in (being the rebel he is) but it ends up they were protesting something about the Vatican, and since he is unfamiliar with Italian politics he stayed out of it.

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