The Hi-gene-ist

I had my first cleaning at the dentist since moving over here.  (yes, it was overdue)  When I got in the hygienist (hi-gene-ist as they say over here) first asked me how often I floss and I said a couple of times a week (being honest).  She then told me I need to floss more.  Then she looked in my mouth and went on and on about how beautiful my teeth are.  (um, don’t you see the dozen or so fillings and 2 inlays?)  She was talking about how ALL Americans have beautiful teeth.  It was sort of embarrassing.  She couldn’t believe I hadn’t had a cleaning in 18 months, since my teeth looked so good.  She said I must be a great brusher.  I told her I didn’t drink tea (a notorious tooth-stainer).  She said that was good, and asked what I drank instead.  Pop.  “Oh, don’t tell me that.”  Then, more talk about how seriously good looking my teeth were, even asking me if my husband’s teeth looked as good, as if it were some sort of requirement for finding a mate.

Before I left she nagged me again about flossing more.  I think hygienists the world over are taught in training, no matter what, thou must chide patient for at least 3 minutes per session about flossing more.

(Rome posts will resume once my photo uploading starts working again)


3 responses to “The Hi-gene-ist

  1. She wouldn’t be as complimentary of my teeth–no braces, lots of tea and lots of fillings, crowns, etc. etc.

  2. booksandbasketball

    So you’re settling into the full British experience and using the British dental care schedule as well?

  3. Some of the most heartfelt and articulate sermons I’ve ever heard have been by hygienists on the subject of flossing

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