Rome Day 3 – Borghese and Shopping

Saturday we had reservations to visit the Borghese museum.  The Borghese is a villa filled with a fabulous art collection acquired by the Borghese family, and now a publically owned and run as a museum.  The unique thing about the museum is that they strictly manage the number of visitors, by offering a set number of tickets for 2 hour sessions.  You must book the tickets in advance, which in a rare moment of holiday pre-planning, I actually accomplished.

We arrived at the museum and picked up our tickets.  We ran into the Brits again.  (the ones seated next to us at dinner on Thursday)  This was the third day in a row.  It was starting to get a little freaky.

The highlight of the museum, for us, were the Bernini sculptures.  Apollo and Daphne and The Rape of Proserpine.  Both were absolutely incredible.  The life likeness and detail were amazing.  The environment of the museum was really nice, we went straight upstairs to look at the paintings for the first half hour, and then came downstairs to look at the sculpture after the main crush of people had already see the main sculptures.  By the end of the two hour window we had the place practically to ourselves.  Anyway, can’t say enough about the Borghese, but they didn’t let us take cameras in, so no pics.

After the museum we walked over to the Spanish Steps.   Definitely overrated.

(self portrait interrupted by man selling flowers)

Then to lunch, a beautiful little restaurant tucked away on a side street.  We had the most amazing tortellini with truffles.  Really fabulous.  Best cream sauce I’ve ever had. 

Then it was time to work our way back to our hotel, oh, accidently having to walk through some prime shopping spots:-(   We did end up passing Tivoli fountain (right after passing the undercover cops nabbing a guy).  The second majorly overrated and overrun sight of the day (the fountain, not the takedown).  Most people toss a coin over their shoulder, hoping to return to Rome.  We hope we never return to this particular spot in Rome, so we passed on the tradition. 

I stopped in a handbag shop I had seen on our first day and came out with a souvenir of the trip. 

I also found a pair of black boots at a very old school shop.  I had looked all fall and winter for a pair of black boots, both in England and America and hadn’t found anything.  But I saw several in shop windows that would have worked, and the second pair fit.  I have rather scrawny calves and most bots gape, but these fit like a glove.  Now I can retire the pair I bought 8 years ago.

For dinner we went south across the river to the Trastevere neighbourhood where we ate at a great pizza restaurant.  A really nice end to my 30th Valentine’s Day.


One response to “Rome Day 3 – Borghese and Shopping

  1. booksandbasketball

    Hehe. We didn’t find Trevi fountain very exciting either. We threw Swiss Francs in over our shoulders, in hopes of returning to Switzerland one day.

    I’m glad you ended the hunt for black knee boots. I missed an entire season of wearing mine, due to being in tennis shoes basically the entire winter season.

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