Rome – Next visit

Steve and I generally enjoy countryside travel much more than the big cities, but we both really enjoyed our time in Rome.  So much so that we would like to go back someday should the opportunity present itself.  Since there is so much to see in Rome, we think it wise to write down now what we want to see next.

  • Catacombs  and Cappuccin Crypt – the more macabre side of Rome.  The  Catacombs of Priscilla look the most compelling.  Interestingly, the catacombs were one of the things  we didn’t quite make it to in Paris.  I think there is something about travelling in the winter that makes visits to caves unlikely.
  • National Museum – this museum has an amazing amount of important stuff, which means that it is probably completely overwhelming.  It is very near the train station, and would make a good first or last stop if using the train station for transport.
  • Vatican crypt – the crypt at the Vatican looks very interesting.  We didn’t ran out of time at the Vatican for a visit.
  • Bags – a return trip must involve more bag shopping.
  • Warmer weather – while going in the off season was perfect for a first visit, I’d like to have warmer weather on a return trip.  The sort of weather that encouraged sitting in parks and in squares people watching.
  • Rome is full of impressive and historically important cathedrals.  There are at least two more that look very interesting.
    • Santa Maria Maggiore – Bernini is buried here
    • Santa Maria della Vittoria –  another Bernini statue of St Theresa in Ecstasy
  • If we had a day trip we’d head to Ostia Antica, a port outside the city.  Along the way we’d stop at the practially named church, St Paul Outside the Wall.

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