What is different? – Part II

(I am now familiar with many things that were a surprise to me when I first came to England, so much so that I hardly notice them anymore. When people ask me what is different, I usually can’t think of anything immediately. It is time for me to begin recording differences when I recognize them to slow the Britishization process.)

People in England eat swedes.

Note the lowercase ‘s’. Swede is a root vegetable that is often chopped and then roasted. Apparently swede was introduced to England by the Swedes and was given its very creative name shortly thereafter. To me, it has a sweeter and fuller taste than other common root vegetables like carrots. Mashed swede is a staple of school lunches in England.

My American friends know this root as “Rutabaga.” Over the past year it has become one of my favorite vegetables. I highly recommend it.

The Schrockinator


One response to “What is different? – Part II

  1. ‘Rutabaga’ always sounded like a good name for a power-tool. Warm mushy Swedes for lunch, alwasy seems like a rather nice idea.

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