We’re going to be Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah for the tenth time this weekend.  My sister Margie is at the hospital, and Mr. Bean should make his arrival sometime here very soon.

We already have nine nephews and neices (this will bring us to 7 nephews and 3 neices).  The youngest right now is 5 – so it is exciting to have a baby in the family again.  Also, all 9 so far have been on Steve’s side, this is the first on my side of the family, also exciting.    My parents, first time grandparents, are beside themselves.

My sister’s blog is at http://booksandbasketball.wordpress.com, where you can read about the lead-up, right up to a last pre-hospital photo.  I won’t steal their electronic thunder by posting details before she does, but I’ll be sure to post a pointer when they are up.


2 responses to “#10

  1. And from the subject line I thought you were going to write about the Prime Minister’s residence…

    Congratulations to Margie and Mr. Margie!

  2. Oh, our visit to Downing Street will be a later post ;-)

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