The Sue Ryder sale

Saturday morning I made a trip up to Nettlebed to go to the Sue Ryder Home Sale.

The Sue Ryder house is a hospice and respite care home.  It is in a beautiful estate home on wonderful grounds, a really nice place for the residents.  The house belonged (and the estate still does) to the family of Ian Fleming and scenes for the Midsommer Murders TV program is frequently filmed there.  It is the  It is a charity and one of its major fundraisers is a tri-weekly sale.  I have heard from many people about how awesome the sale is – huge, busy and wonderfully full of everyting under the sun – all at bargain prices.

Our friend (surrogate grandmum) Margery volunteers when she can get a ride up there (another blog post on that sometime).  I picked her up so she could have the morning up there.  Good thing, as she could show me the ropes.

The sale is set up with many different areas across the estate grounds.  I had a list of  things that I needed for the house, first of which being glass canisters for holding dry goods in the kitchen.  I never found those, but boy, did I find other treasures…

  • 3 pictures – £7
  • Crock for holding fire utensils – £2
  • Footstool for sitting by fire and stool for in front of the computer – £5 (for both!)
  • Upholstry for recovering footstool – £1.50
  • 2 teatowels (linen – well laundered and absorbant) – £.50
  • Bike – £10

I had in the back of my mind to get a ‘station bike’ – an old beater that I could leave locked up at the train station all day and not worry about it getting stolen.  This one is perfect.  Rusty in spots but serviceable.  An hour of work to get the brakes loosened up is in order – now I just need a sweet basket for the front!

All of our shopping done I met Margery at the appointed time to have a cup of tea. 

She was so happy to get to visit with all of her volunteering friends, and back to our village we headed, with our treasures.


2 responses to “The Sue Ryder sale

  1. The old farmer

    26 pounds….wow….wish my dear wife could get by so cheaply….when she shops….sigh…sigh..

  2. Oh, if I only could have accompanied you, Sarah… It looked like my kind of event for several reasons! Marjorie looks like a wonderful companion and “your take” for the day looks pretty great too!

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