Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The occurrence of St. Patrick’s Day reminded me of the St. Patrick sights that we visited on our trip to Ireland last year.

Patrick grew up in Roman Britian, was taken to Ireland as a slave, escaped, and then returned to Ireland as a missionary. He received permission from the Irish king to preach Christianity.

Hill of Tara – This was the seat of the King. Apparently when a pagan festival fire was burning there, no one else could light a fire that would be visible from the hill.

Hill of Slane – This is supposedly where Patrick lit the fire in defiance of the King’s edict. That got him an audience with the king where he must have been very persuasive.

If you want to learn more about St. Patrick, I highly recommend a book that a friend gave to me: How the Irish Saved Civilization. It provides an interesting take on the “dark ages” of continental Europe:  The dark ages only lasted between the fall of Rome and its culture and the return of literacy and literature as it was reintroduced by Irish and English missionaries from the spiritual line of St. Patrick a few centuries later.

The Schrockinator

One response to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. booksandbasketball

    Nice post Steve. I like the pictures.

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