What’s still in boxes

After all our moving these past two years we have a few boxes of stuff that we don’t need here in England, but I don’t want to get rid of.  So the stuff is sort of stranded…

  • two boxes of kitchen stuff I am going to keep, but didn’t fit in the kitchen cabinets here
  • a box of books
  • three boxes of pictures/albums/scrapbook supplies (I can’t really embark on any big scrapbook projects because a lot of my old pictures are in storage in Seattle)
  • one box of linens for a queen size bed that I should have left in America because we didn’t even try to bring our queen size bed


2 responses to “What’s still in boxes

  1. Things must be pretty quiet if you are surveying your boxes of still packed possessions.

  2. No, just cleaning out my inbox and finding drafts of blog posts written many months ago:-)

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