Pub review: The Prince Albert, Frieth

* This is hopefully the first in a series of reviews of our local pubs*

On Saturday Steve and I took a three-pub-walk in a beautiful part of the Chiltern hills.  One of the pubs, The Prince Albert, was a real gem.  It is small, well run but not slickly refurbished, just how we like it. 

On tap they had Hobgoblin, one of Steve’s favourite ales, and for some reason not often on tap at the many Brakspear pubs in our area.

There are miles of fabulous walking paths criss-crossing this area, so you have many opprotunites to make your own walk and a stop at The Price Albert.  We will certainly be returning sometime soon to have a meal.


2 responses to “Pub review: The Prince Albert, Frieth

  1. From the map this appears to be a driving trip to the midst of a three pub walk? If you hoofed this from home I am impressed.

  2. Yes, we drove up and then did a circular walk.

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