Seattle – reccomendations

Now that most of our daily interaction is with people who don’t live in Seattle, we get quite a few questions about good things to do in Seattle.  So, I’m starting a page on Seattle recommendations.  This post is a first set of items, I’ll put up a post each time I update the main page.


Bloedel Reserve:  A fabulous garden on Bainbridge island.  Note that you are required to book your visit in advance.

Ride the ferry:  A good, relatively inexpensive activity is to ride the Washington State Ferry.  On foot to Bainbridge and back is nice for a few hours. If you want to take your car and make a loop for a day trip that is also nice.


Seafood and sushi:

*Note:  Steve and I have some seafood allergies, so this is not our best subject.  Seattle has a very large east Asian (Oriental) population so those cuisines are generally very strong.

Elliot’s on the Seattle waterfront is excellent. On weekday afternoons they have an oyster happy hour where they start really cheap about 3pm and go up in price until dinner time. If you like oysters it is a must do. Also good dinner menu. On the pricey side.

Nishino is a very highly regarded Japanese seafood restaurant.


Our church in Bellevue

One response to “Seattle – reccomendations

  1. I enjoyed the Botanic Gardens close to your home. Also the place in Seattle where we ate doughnuts?

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