Fresh Veg

There is a small free-holding farm (or a large garden) across the lane from our house.  Today I was thrilled to see that a rack had been set out with quite a few vegetables and an honesty box.  I’m so happy to be able to get fresh veg  just a few feet down the lane.  Hurrah!

4 responses to “Fresh Veg

  1. What a life! Vegetables set out in front of your front door–hope it lasts all spring and summer.

  2. That is wonderful, I want a box of fresh veg in front of my door too, I guess I’ll have to start planting edible stuff in my garden…

    Honesty box too, its such a heart warming view of human nature. Hoorah.

  3. The old farmer

    Hey….did I see a cow wandering around in that field…..a good slab of beef will go over big time with the honesty folk….

  4. What produce did they offer? Was it good? Were the prices reasonable? Our lettuce might still be a week or two away, and the sugar-snap peas longer than that…

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