Krakow – Day 1

April 17-22 we took a 4 day city break to Krakow, Poland.  We travelled with our friends Marcin and Aleksandra, who are both originally from Poland.  They had never been to Krakow, so we were sightseeing together, but since it was their native country, and more importantly native tongue, they were are defacto tour leaders.

We had a late Friday night flight, so we got a later start on Saturday to catch up on our zzzzs.  Saturday was a beautiful day (the first of many).  We walked down to Wawel hill.


This is the ‘national cathedral’ of Poland, filled with the graves of many famous Poles.  It was very interesting inside.  You could climb the bell tower – for a great view of the city and an up close look a huge bell, now rung on only very special occasions.

Later we toured some state rooms, which had some rooms with beautiful leather tooled walls (no cameras allowed inside).  I saw a painting of one of the old royal families of Poland, and one of the girls in the painting looked just like my best friend from growing up.  I’ll have to find that online sometime…

Apparently this hill is one of the 7 places in the world with the best Chakra – or something like that.  This corner is where it is ‘strongest’ so that is where the old men hang out.  From the looks of them they could do more for their ‘state of conciousness’ and ‘energy’ if they spent less time standing around and more time exercising.

I found a more comfortable perch to enjoy the sun.


2 responses to “Krakow – Day 1

  1. Hey man, like chakra don’t develop overnight. It takes years — nay DECADES — of standing around before it comes to fruition. Until you understand this you will never become enlightened.

  2. booksandbasketball

    At least the quick fix method isn’t only popular in the United States. Maybe they can come up with a chakra pill that is sold by infomercial?

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