A treat for Dad

We saw this at the store today.

Steve’s dad is always talking about the good old days on the farm with the rich milk from the Guernsey cows.  We’ll get this for him when he visits in August so he can show us how it’s done.  Gold Top ‘breakfast’ milk.

This milk has an amazing 5.8g of fat per 100ml.  Almost 50% more than English whole milk and 3 times that of 2% milk.  Yummy (sortof)


4 responses to “A treat for Dad

  1. Having grown up on fat free milk, I feel I would have a heart attack after drinking a glass of that thick syrupy goop. :)

  2. Fun post! The more whole milk I can get, the better. It’s like candy! We drink skim at our house, so even 2 percent is a treat! Whole milk…yum!

  3. The old farmer

    yeah….now you’re talking…you city kids don’t know what good food tastes like…..

  4. The Schrockinator

    One of my coworkers confirmed that this stuff is fantastic–use it in a rice pudding for amazing results.

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