I really dislike ironing.  Probably the only household chore that I dislike more is vacuuming.  And since moving to England I am doing a lot more of both.  But this post is not to whinge about vacuuming – that can come later.

The reason I iron so much is that I don’t have a tumble dryer. I hang all of our clothes and linens up to dry.  We have two racks that are in our third bedroom (the ‘laundry’ room – the washing machine is in the kitchen).  I hang neatly, and shake the clothes out to get some of the worst out – but still – virtually everything needs to be ironed.  Shirts, trousers, jeans, sweaters – the whole lot.  I don’t iron underwearor socks, towels or sheets (I’m not a masochist).  I do iron the pillowcases as it makes the bed much more comfortable and it just takes a couple minutes.  The WORST ironing task is the duvet cover.  Yep, once a week I spend 20 minutes ironing the dumb thing.  I just can’t stand how terrible the bedroom looks with a wrinkly duvet.

OK – whingeing over.  Now a story.

There are quite a few mornings when we get half way down the lane and I say ‘did i turn the iron off?’  Maybe once a month I think I didn’t and we head back to check.  I can’t think of a single time that it was left on, but hey, checking is better than burning the house down.  Anyways, two weeks ago I went to Texas to visit my sister.  I did my packing on a Thursday night after a day of meetings in London, and pressed the worst out of a couple tops before putting them in my suitcase.  Well, on Monday night, after coming home from work, Steve thought the house smelled funny.  Sure enough, the iron was on.  STILL on.  Since THURSDAY.  Four days.  We are so lucky the house didn’t catch fire.

The iron still works, but leaks water – so today I got a new iron.  YES, it has auto off.  It is 2300 watts, heats almost immediately and irons a pillowcase in about half the time.  It will take the edge off the drudgery.

Yes, I am aware you can hire people to do your ironing.  (there are quite a few services here in England that will pick it up from your house and deliver weekly)  I just can’t justify the cost.  When I’m a VP maybe:-)


11 responses to “Ironing

  1. I’ve gotten around ironing all together. I just only wear L.L. Bean wrinkle resistant dress shirts and the like with eddie bauer slacks. It works great and people always tell me how my freshly ironed shirts look so good. So good.

  2. booksandbasketball

    Move to Texas. Laundering is cheap.

  3. Lowell – try hanging them on a hanger right out of the washer (no tumble dryer) and I’m pretty sure you’ll have wrinkles.

    Margie – yes laundry is cheap but that humidity is a little bit of a deterrent for me:-)

  4. booksandbasketball

    Hmm…maybe if your clothes look great, people won’t notice the frizzy hair??

  5. I’m with you on the chores. Vaccuming is my least favorite, closely followed by ironing. This post makes me unusually thankful for Ed’s closetful of nearly identical shirts – because they are all wrinkle-resistant!

  6. The old farmer

    hey….when ya get to be ancient like the old farmer…you just don’t care…..and….it works out really great…..

  7. I must be a freak. Vacuuming and ironing are my favorite household chores. Beats dusting hands down. (Then again my ironing volume is nowhere near yours.)

  8. booksandbasketball

    I’m sure I’d be more excited about vacuuming if I had an awesome Dyson like Sarah does. The current vacuum just isn’t cutting it on cat hair. Maybe I can justify it when John starts to crawl…

  9. Raymond – if we were neighbours we could work a deal.

  10. The old farmer

    All I have to say is your Guardian Angels were working OVERTIME while you were gone, keeping the iron from setting your house on fire. How thankful I am that you purchased one with an automatic shutoff. Dad was greatly relieved when I replaced my old one with one with the automatic shutoff :] Love, Mom S.

  11. Several years ago, Brenda bought an iron with an auto-off to replace the one she routinely left on. Must be genetic!

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