Krakow – Day 2

*Second in an occasional series on our April trip to Poland.  Once I’m done with this I’ll pick our Spain trip from September back up before my sister nags me again.

Our second day in Krakow, Sunday, was as beautiful as the first – so we visited an underground salt mine:-)

The Wieliczka salt mine has been in operation for about 800 years years, and  some 200 years ago the salt miners started making carvings and turning the rooms created by the mining into chapels and dioramas commemorating important people and events.  It really is an interesting tour, and I’d particularly recommend it if you have a rainy day in Krakow.   You had to pay extra to take photos, and photos in a cave generally turn out like rubbish, so I didn’t bother.  So this is all you get.

When we got back to the city we wanted some sun – so we found a cafe and had coffees or beers and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Sunday night Marcin had made reservations at Restaurant Wierzynek, one of the finest restaurants in all of Poland.  Marcin had wanted to visit this restaurant for many years – so it was a highlight of the trip for him.  The food was great and the service was excellent.  We had a beautiful meal, with glasses of wine, for about £100 for all four of us.

3 responses to “Krakow – Day 2

  1. booksandbasketball

    I’m a mom. I nag. It’s programmed after delivery.

    Nice picture of you and Steve.

  2. you had coffee OR beer? Does that mean they are so similar its difficult to tell the difference in Poland ;-)

    My parents recently returned from Krakow and said they had enjoyed it much more than they expected.

  3. I had coffee. Steve had beer.

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