Houston – Brother Lowell

Along with Margie, and John I got to see my brother, Lowell, who was on his university spring break.


He is a proud uncle.  He also says babies are ‘chick magnets’ so he held John as much as possible when we were out.

Lowell goes to Webb Institute, a shipbuilding school, and he has been spending his internships working in oil and gas shipping.  Lowell has done two internships in Houston, and will be doing a third this summer. He took me to one of the places he worked in Galveston on Saturday afternoon. His employer in Galveston was a business that repairs offshore oil rigs like this one.


There was also a lot of other cool stuff in the yard, like this reel for laying sea floor cables.


He was really excited about this ship – for a lot of design features that he was rambling on and on about.  I just think it is a cool looking boat – and he asked me to take a picture of it.


It was good to see you Lowell – I hope to visit you in New York next year before you graduate!


2 responses to “Houston – Brother Lowell

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks for the nice spread. My little kid secret’s out now though. Shucks. I posted pictures of my small ship design group’s vessel on my flickr to better explain my excitement. You really should come visit some time in the next year. It’s hard to believe I’ll be done in 12 months.


  2. I am fascinated with the whole ship building thing!

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