The Sad State of Mexican Food

One of the things we miss most about the states is good Mexican food. It makes sense… the best Mexican restaurants in the States are typically run by Mexicans, and there are not many Mexicans in the UK. Unfortunately the lack of Mexicans in England doesn’t stop the English from trying.

Wednesday is quesadilla day in one of our cafeterias. You pick up a plate with a quesadilla and then add some guacamole and refried beans. Actually, I should say that you then add some “guacamole” and “refried beans.” The guac was very light green and had the consistency of mayonnaise. The beans were chunky and light gray. I bravely took some guac (which might have made a nice salad dressing), but decided the beans were better left to my imagination.

One of my American coworkers from Texas was more cheeky than me. Without trying to be mean, she specifically asked the chefs why the sides did not look like they ought to. The chefs explained that the guacamole was made from avocados, sour cream, and mayonnaise. I don’t think she had the heart to ask about how they made the refried beans.

On a lighter note, the chefs did say that she should come back the next week to show them how to make the food properly.

The Schrockinator

8 responses to “The Sad State of Mexican Food

  1. we miss Mexican like none other!!! but I am getting pretty good at making it!
    also we do have one place to get an amazing chicken burrito!!!
    heres one of my favorite recipes-easy too!
    buy the yellow enchilada pack from sainsburys (don’t add the tomato sauce though!)

  2. booksandbasketball

    Mayonaisse and sour cream. That’s so sad… I would miss good Tex-Mex.

  3. On the weekends we have brunch made to order by one of the cooks. Leno, who’s Latino, cooks on Saturdays and Matt, the token white guy, cooks Sundays. What’s interesting is that Matt’s Quesadillas are far superior to Leno’s. But, Matt can’t speak Spanish with me.

  4. Are sure the guacamole is not just mushy peas?

  5. Sadly true. There are occassional oasis of fabulous Mexican food. I remember the ‘Wow’ when the Cactus cafe ( opened in Loughborough (small town) it was so rare to have fresh good Mexican food that it quickly became difficult to get a seat. It was the first Mexican Restaurant I’d ever visited (chunky quac wit)

  6. The old farmer

    o.k. i guess that i have to come up with the solution…..the colonies have millions, maybe billions of mexicans…..we will send over as many as you desire…..well….only one problem….most of them can’t cook up mexican either….they buy stuff in a can…

  7. booksandbasketball

    And to think…I can get Mexican food by walking out my front door and flagging down the taco truck…

  8. If you guys want to try out this cantina in Windsor early evening one Saturday I’d love to join you

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