Henley Royal Regatta

Our landlady graciously gave us a pair of tickets to the Henley Regatta for Thursday.    We went and had a great time.

We just got the tickets on Wednesday evening – and they were for the Steward’s enclosure, the most traditional place to view the races.  It is typically very difficult to get tickets to the enclosure, and thus very exclusive.  We went to the Regatta  last year [last year’s writeup] but actually being in the enclosure is a very different experience.

First thing, we had to figure out what to wear.  The enclosure has a strict dress code – for the ladies AND the men.  Luckily, my best sundress covered my knees (just).  Hats are ‘encouraged’ but not required – good thing as that would have been tricky.  We had a bit more of a challenge with Steve.  Jackets are a MUST, and for some reason Steve’s navy blue, pin-striped wool suit did not seem like a good idea for one of the hottest days of the year.  His co-worker Tim came to the rescue and offered to bring in a few jackets to work for him to try and borrow.

It was very hot today.   We arrived about 3:30 and a distinct seating pattern could be seen. 


Lucky for Steve, for the first time in 33 years, the men were allowed to take off their jackets in the enclosure.  (ties had to stay on)  I got to cool my feet in the river.


So, this post is already pretty long and we haven’t even talked about the rowing.  That’s because that the rowing is not the main point of the Regatta.  The Regatta is more about seeing and being seen, and for most people drinking lots and lots of alcohol.  The boats only come about every 7 minutes or so, and most of the races are not actually that close.  But, if the day is fine it is wonderful to sit and just watch everything pass by.



I do have to admit Steve looked pretty good:-)


4 responses to “Henley Royal Regatta

  1. Some of those hats in the background in Steve’s GQ picture, look like they ought to be future purchases, both ladies and gentlemen.

  2. No hat?! Finding the ‘right’ hat can be part of the fun. It looks much more relaxed than last year. Thursday was the day my house thermometer went of the scale (50c) and is now defunct.

  3. I only got the tickets at 7pm the night before and did not have time to procure a hat…I should have called you to borrow though!

  4. The old farmer

    got your tickets on wednesday night
    you rushed around, with all your might

    jacket…and a tie
    ah, you brits…i wonder why

    sundress to the knees
    just a little showing….to be a tease

    the boats were coming by
    with stiff upper lips…all waved hi

    wish we were there…for all to see
    alas….between us….too much sea

    happy happy fourth……

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