A salute to the Pumpkin Festival.

Steve and I were sad this weekend not to be able to attend the world famous Morton Pumpkin Festival.  I miss the autumn weather, getting to see friends and, most of all, the great festival food.  Pork chop sandwiches, pumpkin ice cream, apple cider slushees…all so yummy.

I thought I’d post a photo in tribute to this great occasion.  Here is a picture of Steve two weeks ago when we were in Zermatt, Switzerland.  They were having a festival, and a parade.  Most of the entrants in the parade were groups of people in traditional dress from the other surrounding towns.  Many were playing traditional music and dancing.  Quite a sight.  This is a wine region of Switzerland, so many of the groups also were carrying casks of the local wine – of which they were kindly giving samples.  Steve was surprised to be given a glass of wine along a parade route, but he gladly accepted and toasted the local tradition.  Such generosity would probably get you arrested in Morton, but, despite that, let’s raise our glass and salute the Morton Pumpkin Festival.


More Switzerland photos to be posted shortly.


5 responses to “A salute to the Pumpkin Festival.

  1. though I also missed the p fest – I would have rather been in Switzerland 2 weeks ago or eating a burrito in London!:)

  2. You’re alliiivveee!!! Glad to see you posting again after a bit of a break.

  3. Yes indeed….the pumpkin weather was sunny and dry…in the 70s…the attendance must have set new records….

    I had a pork chop sandwich and mom had a brat
    on Thursday evening…..then topped it off with a pumpkin pecan ‘concrete’ at Culvers …thinking of ya every bite of the yummies…

    Saturday I stopped by the Jones and Jessie, Zack, Issac, and Ethen headed to the pumpkin and sausage breakfast…got there at 0700 and walked right in and loaded up…..by 0730 the line was sooooo long……kept thinking about you guys eating your beans and tomatoes for breakfast…..

    At noon we ventured down Jefferson to the Wuthrich kitchen and indulged again in a big way
    By the time we got to Bloomington for a “potluck” ??? dinner, I could hardly waddle…
    Kept thinking about you guys and how nice it would have been to have you along for the day..
    but….some other time in the (near?) future…..

    P.S. Your picture did make me lonesome for the heimat…..

  4. wine on the parade route… I’ll drink to that! I saluted the P-Fest by mowing the lawn.. not quite as exciting!

  5. Ahhhhh!!! Pumpkin Caramel Shakes :)

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