Entertaining an international music sensation

This past weekend a good friend from high school was in London playing a gig at the Royal Albert Hall.  Brandon plays bass for Andy Williams – and they had a one night show at the RAH.  Brandon used to ‘play changes’ for the Morton High School jazz band – where I mostly faked my way in the trumpet section.  Brandon was obviously much more talented and is a professional musician these days, aren’t we all proud of him!

I was flattered that such an international music sensation would want to spend his free day with me.  He arrived in London Sunday morning, and we met at 1 for a walking tour of the city.  We took the tube to Tower Hill tube station and walked all the way back to Westminster.   I am a rookie at giving tours of London, evidenced that I drug a jet-lagged musician, who was going to have to stand in rehearsals all the next day, 4 miles across town.

We saw:

  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • City Hall – Brandon is a modern architecture buff and he really liked it
  • The Tate Modern – we both enjoyed the thought-provoking piece consisting of a rope hanging from the cieling, threaded with lots of half used bars of soap.  Fab.
  • The Millennium Bridge
  • St Paul’s Cathedral – we sat in for the first 15 minutes of evensong.  Brandon enjoyed it but we were sitting way in the back which didn’t really do it justice.  Hopefully he’ll get to return to London someday and get the full experience sitting in the choir.
  • Fleet Street and The Strand
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Downing Street
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Houses of Parliament
  • The London Eye


Wow, that really was a lot!  We headed back to Kensington and found a pub for dinner.  It was a really great day getting to catch up and see the sights.

You can read my concert review here.


6 responses to “Entertaining an international music sensation

  1. I certainly don’t remember Sarah faking her way through anything. As she and Brandon’s high school band director, I remember two very hard working and successful students who were leaders in every sense of the word. I get to see Brandon occasionally as we catch his show or visit in Branson regularly. In fact I wrote their high school’s marching drill this season. But I haven’t seen Sarah for quite some time. I wish I had been a part of the wonderful walking tour. Call them to attention Sarah!! God Bless!!

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  3. It is great to see two dear old friends. Eventhough time and distance may keep us apart, it is so nice to keep up with you! Brandon, congrats to you and many praises for your abilities and successes. Sarah, it is great to see you living and loving life across the pond. I have many fond maemories of our times spent together in H.S. and college with Brandon. Those were the days that helped define who I am as a person. Also duely noted after seeing his post…Mr. Bernie Potter…many thanks to you for helping shape me as a person. I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today with out your expert guidance and talent. You are all missed!!!


    Jeff Ulbricht

  4. Thanks, Sarah, for giving Brandon the tour–and publishing the great Blog about it.

  5. What wonderful bonds of friendship and ties we all have from the marching band experience! It’s so gratifying to see you “all grown up” and living life so fully and graciously.

    Mama Ricketts

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