Baby Schrock’s First Blog Post

I suppose it is time to update you all on how we’re doing and how the baby is coming along.  I know I don’t post much baby news here – I just don’t want to bore folks.  If you didn’t read the Monaco posts I suppose you may not have known we’re expecting.  So – surprise!  We’re expecting!


We’ve passed the 5 month mark – under 4 months to go now.  Baby Schrock will be joining the party at Schrockthehouse in February.  We found out earlier this month that ‘it’ is really a ‘he’!  We’re both very happy to know we’re having a boy – they’re so much fun – although I do have to admit I was a little sad that we can’t have a girl also (since they’re pretty fun too).  No – we’re quite sure there is only one in there.

The boy is starting to make his presence known, kicking around a bit, but all in all I think he’s going to be a pretty laid back person like his dad.  (I can hope!)

I’m feeling really quite well.  I was lucky in the morning sickness department, almost none at all.  I did have a pretty major dose of exhaustion, and spent most of June, July and August camped out on the sofa when I wasn’t struggling to stay awake at work. 

Now, a little FAQ

Q:Are you still travelling?
A: Yes, we had to postpone a couple of trips this summer when I was so tired, but we’ve been making up for lost time.  I’m not planning on flying anymore though, so our remaining trips will be via car or train.

Q: How many countries has the boy been to already?
A: 6 (England, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, France, Monaco)

Q: How many countries will the boy have been to by the time he’s born?
A: 10 (add Wales, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg)

Q: Are you going (coming) to Illinois for Christmas?
A: No, don’t want to be flying 8 hours home 6 weeks before I’m due.

Q: Will you have the baby in England?
A: Yes. 

Q: So, the baby will get a UK passport and be a British citizen, right?
A: No, not automatically.  It’s a long story, which I promise to cover in a separate post.

6 responses to “Baby Schrock’s First Blog Post

  1. Yea, we are so excited for the both of you. Keep the baby posts coming. They are not boring!! You look amazing!! We agree boys are fun, and we can say that since we have two! Keep the baby news coming! We love it :)

  2. You look radiant!!!!

  3. I was a ‘born outside the US’ baby too. Yes, it is a long story, but I do have to say it is kinda cool growning up having a US passport that said born in the Philiipines! He’ll have one saying “England’.. always a good conversation starter!

  4. Wow – congratulations!! I had no idea you were pregnant, what wonderful news! Yes, boys are fun (not to say that girls aren’t!)…so excited for you both!

  5. We intend to get “Native Texan” on John’s passport.

  6. how many of you can claim to being born in congerville….the cob of the cornbelt….

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