John’s first pub crawl.

Saturday we took Margie and John out on a 2-pub walk.  It was John’s first pub crawl, and I have to say if they’re going to start, start them with quality.  We went out to Turville and Skirmett – and got a beautiful bit of afternoon sunshine.  My sister doesn’t get to see much fall color in Texas – so she was happy to be out in the hills and through the woods.




John was really happy in the backpack – he was quieter than I have ever seen him (he is usually all babble) – Margie says it is because there was so much to take in.  His first pub visit was The Frog in Skirmett, where a little 4 year old girl was flirting with him but the main attraction was my pocket pack of tissues that he played with for a full twenty minutes before moving on to an empty crisp packet.


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